Bad Burro Glass

Welcome to the gallery of Kirkland glass artist, Nancy Paulson Fox.  Contact for more information.

Artistic:  creative, inventive, imaginative, expressive, sensitive, perceptive, discerning.     Purely so.

Chromatic Celebration    17.75"x21" fused glass with silver foil (mounted on 20"x23" brushed aluminum.  1.25" offset

Dante's Dimension   12" diameter fused glass contoured plate

Garden of Tao    17.25"x17.25" fused glass, mounted on 21"x20" painted aluminum, 1" offset

Geometric Sequence  17"x17", .75 offset iridescent fused glass and stringers 

Methow Valley Winterscape     8.25"x 10.25"x.5" fused glass & frit, mounted in 11.5"x16"x4.5 antique barn wood box

Symphonic Percussion   14"x20.5"x.5" fused glass with tacked elements

Trending Yellow   Individual glass squares affixed to metal sculpture, 35"x16", 3.5" offset

Mystic Ferry    17"x16" fused glass incorporating photograph of Washington State Ferry Sealth, taken by Chris Fox, Catalyst Photography NW.  

Bad Burro Glass, a division of Catalyst Publications, Inc.
50 16th Avenue, Kirkland, WA 98033
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photography by Catalyst Photography NW